Innovative electromagnetic shielding technologies EMC, EMI, RFI

We develop and manufacture electromagnetic shieldings for low and high frequency emissions (EMC, EMI, RFI). We are a qualified partner able to analyze, study, design, prototype, produce and deliver the required solutions on schedule.

We guarantee people's health and the correct functioning of electronic devices.


It’s the exclusive technology developed by the Selite Laboratories with unique shielding properties in the category. It can reduce over 99% of electromagnetic fields both in low and high frequency (4 times more than a traditional shielding).

It’s very light, practical, long lasting and easy to apply to both existing or brand new applications.

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Over 20 years expertise in the Railway business on an international basis working with the Leading Companies in the category. We are a point of reference for the low frequency electromagnetic shielding.

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Do you have a problem with electromagnetic emissions and want to be relieved of the technological complexity the development of an effective shielding requires? Contact us!