EMC shielding is our passion

SELITE is an Italian company established in 1998. In our laboratories we study, design and manufacture electromagnetic shieldings for both low and high frequency electromagnetic fields.

Before developing our working method we thoroughly studied the electromagnetic radiation’s sources and conducted an in-depth research about shielding materials and their properties. This is how SKUDOTECH® was born, Selite’s innovative technology able to shield both low and high frequency electromagnetic fields by over 99% (4 times more than traditional material!).

Our know-how comes from the low frequency electromagnetic shielding for the Railway business: we have been a reference point in the sector for over 20 years at an international level.


The experience gained in the railway sector led us to operate with fluidity and timeliness also in other businesses.

We design and develop shielding solutions for electromagnetic fields also for other sectors such as the Automotive, Energy, Electric Mobility, Telecommunications, Data Centers, Medical and Hospital, Safety at Work, Construction, Defense, etc.

Our shielding solutions
Native shielding

We design solutions for brand new projects


Adaptive shielding

The right solution for existing products or plants