From design to electromagnetic shielding development

We are problem solvers without intermediaries.

Our customers call us because we develop and control the entire electromagnetic shielding process, from design to production and delivery.

We work personally, without intermediaries, with a team of highly qualified professionals ready to handle any needs.

We are a qualified and Certified Partner, an important international reference in the field of electromagnetic pollution.

Our working method
Systemic approach

in order to highlight all risk factors.

Customized design

in order to create the most suitable electromagnetic shielding.

Use of Skudotech®

Innovative shielding technology developed by Selite able to reduce electromagnetic fields by over 99% (EMI, RFI shielding).

Discover Skudotech®
Our shielding solutions
Native shielding

We design solutions for brand new projects


Adaptive shielding

The right solution for existing products or plants