The technological complexity of low-frequency or extremely low-frequency (ELF) Electromagnetic Shielding

In all industries, from rail to automotive, from electric mobility to construction, many companies successfully manage electromagnetic shielding in-house. Low-frequency shielding, however, is the most difficult area to approach, solve and manage because it is technologically complex.

Why engage an outside consultant

Low-frequency (ELF) issues that a company face can include:

  • Electronic devices do not function properly
  • Signals between devices are disrupted by electromagnetic interference
  • Trains, electric vehicles, or buildings do not comply with EMC standards
  • People do not feel safe and want to protect themselves from electromagnetic fields

The need and at the same time the urgency to solve even one of these issues requires the involvement and support of an outside expert.

When to involve an external consultant

The importance of adequate ELF shielding is often not considered from the very beginning of the project, and difficulties emerge when the product or facility has already been completed.

For example, for the railway industry, trains and electronic devices can be shielded once they are completed, meeting the goal of ensuring compliance with EMC standards.

At Selite we design low-frequency EMC shielding from scratch (Native Shielding), but we have often been, and are involved in EMC shielding projects for existing vehicles or components that need more effective shielding (Adaptive Shielding).

How we solve EMC issues after the project is completed

  1. First, we accept the challenge!
  2. We analyze all project features with the client’s internal team.
  3. We share our R&D experience and know-how to find and propose customized solutions.
  4. We adapt and apply our SKUDOTECH® shielding technology to the existing project.
If you have an EMC shielding problem to solve on an existing product or installation, please contact us for support.

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