Can a low-frequency EMF emission problem be solved after the project is completed?

After the project is completed, we notice a problem with low-frequency electromagnetic emissions. Find out how we can solve it.

Hydrogen trains for sustainable mobility

Hydrails, or Hydrogen Trains, are the future of rail mobility and environmental sustainability. We explain why and how they work.

Is electromagnetic shielding sustainable?

Low-frequency EMC / EMC shielding: a sustainable project must consider this topic. We’ll give you an example and our point of view. Read…

The development of ERTMS in Italy

Italy was one of the first European countries to adopt it: read this article about its benefits and the future of EMF shielding.

Will ERTMS be adopted in railways in Europe?

Find out what ERMTS is, its benefits, and whether it will be adopted in railways in Europe. Read now.

How to assess whether you need in-house consultancy for electromagnetic shielding (EMC)

In this article we explain how to assess when it is necessary to use external EMC Shielding Consultancy. Read our advice now.

Why do shielding materials need to be lightweight?

In this article we explain why EMC shielding materials need to be lightweight. Read more.

How to solve problems related to low frequency electromagnetic fields (EMF)

In this article we describe our experience in Low Frequency Electromagnetic Fields Shielding with EMC solutions for the railway industry.…

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