When evaluating an EMC shielding solution, there are two complementary aspects to consider:

  1. It must not be bulky
  2. It must be extremely lightweight

Bulk and weight can in fact penalize the performance of an electrical device, the speed of a transport vehicle, or the power of an electric motor.

Therefore, it is important to design and apply shielding that is effective and light at the same time.

What thickness should be used for a shielding?

The ability to use reduced thickness, even as low as 0.1 mm, is critical for applications in which the material contributes to improved performance. The lightness of EMC shielding is particularly valued in the following industries:

  • Railway
  • Automotive and electric mobility
  • Aerospace

An example: the lightness of high-voltage cables in trains

For example, speaking of the railway sector, it is important to wind the power cables of trains without excessive and bulky structures.

  • Energy consumption
  • Energy efficiency
  • Emissions
  • Overall efficiency
  • Recyclability and sustainability

Our screen technology, SKUDOTECH®,  is designed precisely to meet these characteristics. Its light weight and reduced thickness allow us to maintain functionality and performance in all our projects.

If you would like to find out more about SKUDOTECH® or are looking for a lightweight shielding solution, please contact our experts.

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